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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
  back to blogging
okay, update on progress... why do i do this? is there anybody out there... just nod if you can hear me...
sorry, pink floyd. anyhow
yesterday, i added 3 blue rows to the rainbow blanket, 2 rows to the navy throw, almost 2 rows to the red throw and then ran out of yarn and probably 7-8 rows to the bag-along. i also completed a square for the 63sq cal- it still needs edging, though. guess that's not bad for one day. trying to do a bit on different projects everyday, then i'll get something complete - eventually.

my boy comes home tonight! yipee!

my sister and i have been talking about opening a bead and yarn store.... just a thought for now. not sure. hmmm a little worrysome.
what else, i have decided to make a real effort to learn how to knit after Christmas and all these WIP's

guess that's it for now. i need to help clean the boys' room --- dtr has lost cinderella in there somewhere - the tragedy :)
Just a post to say "Hi!"

Hiya. :)

Bead & yarn store... sounds nice! I wish I owned a yarn store too since the only one I know is 70 miles away. :(
Hey, there! I'm nodding...I'm here! Thanks for inviting me to the bag along in Crochetville (I'm 4PJ there!) Do you have to have a blog to be in a bag along? When did it start? Is there a certain pattern? I just can't seem to do everything: crochet, knit, read blogs, comment on blogs, do laundry, ballgames, AND the thought of doing my own blog! AHHHHHH! I can multitask, but geez!How does everyone do it?
Bet you are happy to have your son home! We have two that go away and it's nerve wracking sometimes. Good luck getting stuff done - I know I'm up to my eyeballs and contemplating a new WIP as we speak. Will I ever learn? ~sigh~ LOL - Oh and I LOVE the idea of a yarn and bead shop! That would be a dream job - if it made money that is....LOL.
I'm here I'm here!!!! (I'm jumpin up and down waving my arms all about)

Yarn and bead store sounds great!!!!
I've always wanted to open something like that.
Oooh, a yarn and bead store! Sounds great! Yarn and beads need to be together. :-)
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