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Saturday, August 28, 2004
go ahead and update your links :)
the site is in a complete stage of infancy right now. i'm still learning how to do this, but i have a great vision - and that's where it all begins, right?!
i still have not figured out how to get my blog to come up as the main page. i'm getting help with this. until i do, it will still be here (at YoButterfly) and there is a link on www.EweDevil.com

thank you, thank you, my love for doing this for me!!
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
setting up this little website is a lot more than what i thought it would be. soon, i will be going to sams to get some sort of program to make it easier. i'll get it up, it'll be nice. i'll get there (a little self-assurance talk).
in the mean time, i received a fabulous package of chenille from LadyK, this is the last i will be getting from this round of the yarn swap. next is sept-oct, the theme is either Christmas or winter...
i also got the name of the person i will be swaping scarves with... but i think i'm gonna keep it a secret until she gets it!! i'm so excited. i started working on it a while back. it is awesome!!
okay, have to get a video watched tonight so it can be returned. intolerable cruelty.. we'll see if it's any good.
until tomorrow -
oh, i will get pictures of my fabulous chenille up either tonight or in the morning.
hopefully i will get a little done on the site tonight after the flick... hopefully
Monday, August 23, 2004
  it's coming.....
my wonderful hubby bought a web page for me last night. it should be up in 48 hours........ tick tock
Sunday, August 22, 2004
my wonderful husband was on a business trip to jacksonville florida - found the local yarn shop : A Stitch In Time, and bought me a prize!!

1 package of crystalites hooks G-K
1 ball of Plymouth Yarn in Eros Glitz - it is white satiny-ish with a tiny strand of silver zig zagging through it - it's a railroad yarn
1 ball of Plymouth Yarn in Furlauro in black. it looks like a cross between fun fur and eyelash but is SO absolutely soft and luscious
now, what shall i make???

i also have got to tell you all about this fabulous yarn i got in the yarn swap at Crochetville from Nashville Crocheter =

this yarn is so completely fantastic, i haven't the right words, except that this stuff is all mine. i'm going to make something for me out of it - this yarn makes me happy :)
it is 4 balls of Katia Velour in a beautiful multi-taupeyish browns
and 1 skein of Sirdar Stampata Super Chunky in a mulit brown with a twist of multi blue, boucle type strand - I have searched the country over for this and finally found someone who has it and am going to jump off my yarn diet wagon and buy 10 more skeins of this glorious yarn!
  is it possible???
i think i have tooo much yarn! check out my yarn reduction efforts on the right! yikes! 14 ponds and still a LOT to be counted. i think i've gotten a little out of control. and, i have 15 pounds+ raw wool for spinning - holy cow!!
i need to get busy and use this up. several pounds of it are different baby yarns - gor new baby gifts ---- if i just get a few blankets made up, i'll get lots of it out of the way... but first: FOCUS---CHRISTMAS is coming!! i MUST get my wip's complete! that is also getting out of control ---- eeek, i've gone hookin' crazy!
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
  plastic... are you serious?!
What Kind of Yarn Are You?

You are Acrylic.
You are Acrylic.While you are very versatile, your plasticky
countenance can be offputting. You are very
good with children but can become a pill if
left alone with them too long. You are very
flexible but don't give in to manipulation.

What kind of yarn are you?
i finally chose the yarn that i will be using for the stockings i hope to make for the stocking along.
i haven't decided which stockings i'll be using....

i'm hoping the cotton will give them a very "old-style, traditioinal" look.

this is the absolutely FABULOUS yarn i got from Fatima at the yarn swap

it is SOOOOO pretty and yummy. it has this great halo of silver that the camera didn't pick up all that well. now, what should i do with it... i'm really searching for suggestions on this... i'm so bad at making such permanent decision---eek!

something else:
this is my score at the library book sale (actually there are 4 other books that had already made it to their home, so i just took a shot of what was out. as many books as you can fit in a paper sack for $3!!
i went straight to the craft section and got all the knit/crochet/spinning books i could find, i ended up with 16- and around 20ish childrens books!
there was an actual LINE to get in -- pretty funny :P

okay, the 2 yr old thinks he's starving, i gotta go

Tuesday, August 17, 2004
  4 days gone by.....
where has the time gone? 4 days already, i can't believe it! anyway, here are a few pictures i've been meaning to get up:
a giant rose i made out of purple mohair for my friend sherry-it matches a scarf i did for her a while back.

yes, you are seeing that right - that bad boy is almost 6inches across and about 2 1/2 inches high! i can't wait to get it to her, she will love it!!!

here's the 1st square done for Christie (Jordan's mom). i'm rather disappointed in my plain'ol granny, but.... well, here's the story. my oldest 2 had to be a the swimming pool where i had to wait for 45 minutes... so i took along my project, but left the pattern at home. not wanting to waste the time, and this was the only yarn i brought into the bldg with me... i did a granny out of my head.

this is the yarn i originally bought for Christie's blankie -

it is lionbrand jiffy - when it was decided that we would all use caron or rh, ww.... this needed a new project... so i actually decided to do the right thing and return it for the $7 refund. well, i put it in a bag and hung it from the doorknob (so as not to forget it)... my youngest found it.... so now i've got to come up with a project for it - oh well.

well, i have much more to list and talk about, but hubby needs to do homework - til tomorrow

Friday, August 13, 2004
  and when it comes i wanna wail.......mail!
i got the greatest stuff in the mail over the last few days!!

first, i received the yummiest yarn from the yarnswap at crochetville (i'll get a picture up today)

and then, i received some roving, a book, and a drop spindle from ebay!! i can't wait to learn to use this!!!

doesn't it just look divine!?! how much fun is this going to be?!!
  updating - kinda
thanks ladies - nice to know you all you all drop in :)
i just might bug you all about the store thing occasionally. my hubby is getting some paperwork from the 'Downtown Commission' - they offer grants to newcomers in the area and such.... i've still got some research to do on the probable/possible customers. doing a business plan and all that jazz

other news: my son is home YIPPEE!!!
all is back to normal - the hierarchy is having some serious adjustment problems...2nd born sure is upset at the power loss.

school starts next monday. i'm so incredibly sad. i absolutely love having all my kiddos home. but i guess the change will be good for the younger ones so we can concentrate more on their learning.

on the crochet front:
i have finished my bag along bag - although it still needs top/bottom boning to keep it from being floppy. i finally bought another skein for the red throw. a few more of the squares have been stitched together. i started some legwarmers for my daughter but have decided they are not full enough- gonna have to frog and start again... what else... started a purse for my friend sherry for Christmas. my friend alene's shawl is complete and will be going in the mail today. i'm so excited for her to receive it. it is a surprise. she does so much for others, i hope she enjoys it.

i will be joining in with a few other ladies on crochetville to make a blanket for Jordan's mom (she is the young girl with cancer that we have made things for) what else.... i've been working on the rainbow blankie. i made a huge rose for my friend sherry to match the purple mohair scarf.....
that's all i can think of right now. i will update more in a bit... i need to update my progress bars.
Wednesday, August 04, 2004
  back to blogging
okay, update on progress... why do i do this? is there anybody out there... just nod if you can hear me...
sorry, pink floyd. anyhow
yesterday, i added 3 blue rows to the rainbow blanket, 2 rows to the navy throw, almost 2 rows to the red throw and then ran out of yarn and probably 7-8 rows to the bag-along. i also completed a square for the 63sq cal- it still needs edging, though. guess that's not bad for one day. trying to do a bit on different projects everyday, then i'll get something complete - eventually.

my boy comes home tonight! yipee!

my sister and i have been talking about opening a bead and yarn store.... just a thought for now. not sure. hmmm a little worrysome.
what else, i have decided to make a real effort to learn how to knit after Christmas and all these WIP's

guess that's it for now. i need to help clean the boys' room --- dtr has lost cinderella in there somewhere - the tragedy :)
Tuesday, August 03, 2004
  blog gone wild
holy cow! there wer 14 posts of my last entry - not sure ??? got them all (but one) deleted... took long enough.
man oh man... i havent' been very true to my "prioritizing"
i have to get these blankets made for Christmas.... i need to quit doing 'side projects
the shawl i have been making for my friend, Arlene is coming along very quick....

although, Holly from crochetville posted an awesome pattern, and now i'm thinking of frogging the shawl..... not sure? worth it???
i just don't know

i also decided to join the "BagAlong" at crochetville - because need another project -sheesh
well, in fairness to myself, i did think this pattern would go a LOT quicker than it has... ick, so another WIP

i really like it though... except the 2 rows of slst. i will definately change that to back loop the next time i make this ...
i miss my boy. i'm very ready for him to come home from SanAntonio - tomorrow!!
okay, housework calls.
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