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Thursday, July 29, 2004
  popping in
a quick hello and update:
i've been working every free minute on my niece's blanket.  i'm afraid i might not get it done in time for Christmas - back to it, time's a tickin!!
Thursday, July 22, 2004
  a baby no more
today is my baby Victor's birthday.   i can't believe he's 2.  just too big.   i officially have no more babies.    i'm kinda sad.   i didn't crochet at all yesterday.  but i did purchase some supplies for stuff, although i can't say until the recipients receive!!!    i'm loving this yarn swap!!!
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
  slippery scott's!
oh man, this sounds really twisted, but hey....
every few weeks, i condition the floors in the house with Scott's wood floor preservative - which smells fantastic - but also happens to be very slippery.  the kids are wiping out all over the house he he he - i know, i'm horrible, ebut they shouldn't run in the house he he he
my floors sure are shiny :)
  9 wonderful years
today is my anniversary!  9 wonderful years.  i love my man.  he is so absolutely wonderful.  a fantastic father... just a wonderful wonderful man.  i am so blessed to have shared these last 9 years in wedded bliss with him --- ahhhhhh, love is in the air.
he gave me this wonderful gift:

okay, onto crochet stuff:
i've really been working every minute i can find = i had the realization the other day that i only have 5 months til Christmas - that's very little time for a wholotta work to be done.... busy busy.

well, i really need to get... much to do:
my oldest is heading to my sister's in 6 days... i need to check on his laundry   YIKES!
Thursday, July 15, 2004
  before dishes
well, this is what i have managed to get done today... before dishes

DONE! this is a design done by pfirsch. fantastic! love this purse

kinda crummy picture, but i finished 2 rows on the red throw - it's now 12" --- hmmm, what should my total length be? i need to figure that out.
now, off to the dishes - ick
well, i think it's official... i've got yarn acquisation syndrome - went to michaels yesterday and picked up some MORE yarn - sure, because i needed it, whatever. i got all lion brand chunky usa - of course it was on clearance. i'm not even sure how many i ended up with now, 24ish--- i think - ridiculous. here's my justification:
pink - for my lizzie, a sweater
navy - for my sil Christmas gift
denim - to possibly use with navy
blue,yellow,purple - to use on the rainbow blankie....
that makes it all legal, right?
oh well..... here it is:
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
  happy birthday!
my oldest turned 7 today. boy, is that a hard pill to swallow. he's such a stinky little boy now and no longer my little baby. he thinks the funniest things in the world are stinky feet, stinky butts, and sticky breath. and there are 2 more just like him, can't wait. :) my poor daughter, what she has to put up with.

finally, the Roadkill purse is complete!! lining sewn in, drawstring re-done and threaded (right this time). i am also almost done with the brown sugar bag. i just need to complete the assembly of the strap --- although, i think i would like to line it, too....*sigh*... they just carry so much better when lined and this one is really cute, yeah, think i'm gonna line it. the things i do to myself.

all things lost return home = purple H has been found.

today at WM i made some pretty good purchases...3skeins of patriotic red lion brand chunky USA at a mere 60cents each. and a "Teach Yourself to Cro-Hook" kit, with a pattern for a scarf,hat, and the flexi-hook thing, which is just like circular knitting needles, except they are crochet hooks. kinda bizarre. only a buck25. not bad.
Monday, July 12, 2004
  a few dozen cheerios
well, poo - i was on my way to sit on the back porch and watch that sexy hunk of a man i get to call my husband grill us all some dinner--- mmmmmmmmmmm (yes, that's for the man-not the dinner)sorry, sidetracked... so i grab my crochet bag take out my project and UGH! no H hook. i checked the suburban and then tackled the couch. took off all the cushions and then stand on it push in the springs so that i may reach deep into the mystery crevices that no one should have to go. scooping out the items that have been long lost and forgotten - sunglasses for the lego man, cartridges for leap pads, a hairbrush, a few dozen (yes, dozen) cheerios, oh goody-creative memories marker :)-hope it still works, ahhh, and then i feel it, long-smooth and skinny- ughhh, the staff to one of my son's teenage mutant ninja turtle dolls-uh sorry, action figures. it's clean now. i'm sad. defeated, i climb down from my searching post and begin to walk away (hey, the kids have to clean their crap off the couch-before i can put the cushions back on- and the dog hoover up those cheerios). turning back for one last hopeful glimpse- i see it, peeking out of a crack- just barely visible, shiny turqoise aluminum... i run back. damn. it's the J i lost a few weeks ago and just replaced. somwhere wandering this house is lost purple H, i hope she found her brother, lost turqoise H. and that they are together, not alone. *sigh*
Sunday, July 11, 2004
so i went to Joann's yesterday:

this is what i came home with, although 2 of each color. they were on clearance and then 30% off that! pretty good deal :)
why, though, are some of my brand new skeins naked? because i had the kiddos with me and they mutilate the yarn in the basket.

this is what i am making with it:

it will be a blankie for one of my two youngest boys. it is done with diagonal box stitch. fun fun.
i'll work on it a little more tonight because hubby has another movie he'd like to watch.
  been a while...
well, i have discovered i'm not very good at this blog thing. i don't post as often as i should. i'm really going to put forth the effort to do better. however, first things first - i realized today that i have a TON of wip's my goal today is to get it all straightened out and in priority. thinking about it, i was asking myself "why do you have all of these things going?" i thought it was because i quickly bore of doing the same thing... but surprisingly, my answer: i decided it's more because i want to use up my yarn. ;) man, i need to figure out how to get the smileys for my postings, too. i like those little guys :) so, off to prioritize!
but wait, there's more...
should i post pics under my "in progress" percentage bars... or would that be too busy?
give me your input.
Sunday, July 04, 2004
  Happy Independence Day!
Saturday, July 03, 2004
  fiber misfortune
as most of you know (from crochetville)i normally keep my laptop in the utility room and a lot of times, i stand there and do some small crochet work while hiding from the kids ;). well, i learned a lesson today---if you chose to do some work at your washer/dryer, make sure that your project has not jumped into the washing machine during loading - especially if the skein has chosen to stay out. otherwise, you may have this tragedy happen to you:

i can't even describe the entaglement of yarn and socks and underwear. it was crazy!
Friday, July 02, 2004
  catching up
i haven't posted in a few days. seems like i had reason at the time..... isn't it funny. anyhow, i finished the christopher blanket in time for the shower -- yeah. here it is:

the socks i was making for my daughter suck. i truly think the pattern is off. i will try them again another day. too mad ro try right now. i hate wasting my time. here is the picture of the wart socks

i'm on to other things. i'm going to make a purse out of a pattern that i am testing for a friend at crochetville.... more to come on that. i'll be back later today.
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