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Saturday, July 03, 2004
  fiber misfortune
as most of you know (from crochetville)i normally keep my laptop in the utility room and a lot of times, i stand there and do some small crochet work while hiding from the kids ;). well, i learned a lesson today---if you chose to do some work at your washer/dryer, make sure that your project has not jumped into the washing machine during loading - especially if the skein has chosen to stay out. otherwise, you may have this tragedy happen to you:

i can't even describe the entaglement of yarn and socks and underwear. it was crazy!
Your poor yarn! I do not envy you in trying to get that undone. ;) I hope that you get it untangled quickly and will as little pain as possible! :)
oh dear!!! that looks absolutely horrible!

i hope you were able to get it all untangled?
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