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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
  Morning Coffee
mmmmm it's so nice when my hubby makes a cup of coffee for me! i love the feel of a hot cup of java in my hand before my feet hit the ground. it's a wonderful life. (sure hope he reads this- he he he)
well, about my crochet: last night i started on a sock for my baby-girl. i have this great vision of them turning out wonderful :) here is the pattern i am using: ripple socks
i am using ww multi of really bright rainbow. my thought is that i will also make her a sweater of some sort with this yarn as a detail on it somehow to go with these really cool knee-high socks and wear it with a denim mini. sounds cute, doesn't it? now, to complete the socks and have them look as good as i hope :)........

oh, i also am using an H instead of the suggested J, to make it small to fit my Liz
Monday, June 28, 2004
  fuzzy hat picture
until i get a better quality picture with my camera, here is one from my phone. it's raining again....ick. i wish it would dry up already.

well, it's monday. not much to report. i spent a few hours yesterday making a black fun fur hat. what a pain! anything made with solid black is a pain - especially this because of the fur. oh well, it is done and has already been given to the guy who requested it for a lady he knows. i really need to get started on a roll brim hat for Jordan, the little girl who has leukemia that myself and several other wonderful ladies at crochetville have been making things for. it will match a hat that is on a teddy made especially for her. i need to learn how to make hyperlinks......
this blog thing-ugh. i'll post a pic of the newly gifted hat in a minute. for now, i'm off to put away some laundry --- ahhh, my life's work.
Thursday, June 24, 2004
  other gifts
some more things that i have made for gifts:
this drawstring bag is for a friend of mine, sherry.
i made this shawl at the request of my sister.
the yarn is hokey pokey in bubblegum.
this is the first thread project i've done. not too keen on it. think i'll be sticking with yarn. i have one more bookmark to make and then yarn will be on rest for a while.

this is an oven mitt i made for my sister's boyfriend.
a shawl that i started for my friend, sherry. frogged it. was too hard. i'll try again later after i have been at this for a while.
another gift for sherry -well, the work is a gift, she usually pays me for the yarn...

okay, that's it for tonight.... i'll try to get the rest of it all up tomorrow.
  my girl
i guess the next few things i made were:

a head kerchief for my daughter. this one is made out of ww, next time, i will not use such a heavy yarn.

i also made this ponch for my daughter. she seems to like it. the rows of hdc at the neck i added because it was too big for her.
another friend of mine had a baby and this is the blankie i made for her. i really liked the ease of this pattern, but will know better next time not to use varigated yarn

I'm going to take some time and post about a few things i have made before i started this blog thing:
back in march 04 (i think-maybe april) i made this babyghan for some friends of mine who live near san antonio, which of course makes this blanket way too hot for this baby, but it was cute. so is she.

Sunday, June 20, 2004
  just the beginning
here goes....
This blog is dedicated to my crochet habit.

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