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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
  Morning Coffee
mmmmm it's so nice when my hubby makes a cup of coffee for me! i love the feel of a hot cup of java in my hand before my feet hit the ground. it's a wonderful life. (sure hope he reads this- he he he)
well, about my crochet: last night i started on a sock for my baby-girl. i have this great vision of them turning out wonderful :) here is the pattern i am using: ripple socks
i am using ww multi of really bright rainbow. my thought is that i will also make her a sweater of some sort with this yarn as a detail on it somehow to go with these really cool knee-high socks and wear it with a denim mini. sounds cute, doesn't it? now, to complete the socks and have them look as good as i hope :)........

oh, i also am using an H instead of the suggested J, to make it small to fit my Liz
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