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Thursday, June 24, 2004
  other gifts
some more things that i have made for gifts:
this drawstring bag is for a friend of mine, sherry.
i made this shawl at the request of my sister.
the yarn is hokey pokey in bubblegum.
this is the first thread project i've done. not too keen on it. think i'll be sticking with yarn. i have one more bookmark to make and then yarn will be on rest for a while.

this is an oven mitt i made for my sister's boyfriend.
a shawl that i started for my friend, sherry. frogged it. was too hard. i'll try again later after i have been at this for a while.
another gift for sherry -well, the work is a gift, she usually pays me for the yarn...

okay, that's it for tonight.... i'll try to get the rest of it all up tomorrow.
Hi Rebecca! Did you like working with the Hokey Pokey yarn? I'm thinking of making a toddler bed-sized throw for my daughter using it. Your projects look really great! I have the worst habit of not taking pictures of my work. I'm thinking of calling up everyone and asking for a picture as payment! ;)
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