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Monday, June 28, 2004
well, it's monday. not much to report. i spent a few hours yesterday making a black fun fur hat. what a pain! anything made with solid black is a pain - especially this because of the fur. oh well, it is done and has already been given to the guy who requested it for a lady he knows. i really need to get started on a roll brim hat for Jordan, the little girl who has leukemia that myself and several other wonderful ladies at crochetville have been making things for. it will match a hat that is on a teddy made especially for her. i need to learn how to make hyperlinks......
this blog thing-ugh. i'll post a pic of the newly gifted hat in a minute. for now, i'm off to put away some laundry --- ahhh, my life's work.
Well done!
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Thank you!
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