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Monday, July 12, 2004
  a few dozen cheerios
well, poo - i was on my way to sit on the back porch and watch that sexy hunk of a man i get to call my husband grill us all some dinner--- mmmmmmmmmmm (yes, that's for the man-not the dinner)sorry, sidetracked... so i grab my crochet bag take out my project and UGH! no H hook. i checked the suburban and then tackled the couch. took off all the cushions and then stand on it push in the springs so that i may reach deep into the mystery crevices that no one should have to go. scooping out the items that have been long lost and forgotten - sunglasses for the lego man, cartridges for leap pads, a hairbrush, a few dozen (yes, dozen) cheerios, oh goody-creative memories marker :)-hope it still works, ahhh, and then i feel it, long-smooth and skinny- ughhh, the staff to one of my son's teenage mutant ninja turtle dolls-uh sorry, action figures. it's clean now. i'm sad. defeated, i climb down from my searching post and begin to walk away (hey, the kids have to clean their crap off the couch-before i can put the cushions back on- and the dog hoover up those cheerios). turning back for one last hopeful glimpse- i see it, peeking out of a crack- just barely visible, shiny turqoise aluminum... i run back. damn. it's the J i lost a few weeks ago and just replaced. somwhere wandering this house is lost purple H, i hope she found her brother, lost turqoise H. and that they are together, not alone. *sigh*
It's all a conspiracy! All the "lost" crochet hooks will meet in a secret location with all the "lost" knitting needles and plot to take over the world!

All the socks that disappear in the laundry are going to help too!
LOL - your description of what you found in the couch had me in stitches! I have three kids so I know exactly what you were going through...LOL....

Great blog btw ;-) I'll check in some more...

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