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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
  happy birthday!
my oldest turned 7 today. boy, is that a hard pill to swallow. he's such a stinky little boy now and no longer my little baby. he thinks the funniest things in the world are stinky feet, stinky butts, and sticky breath. and there are 2 more just like him, can't wait. :) my poor daughter, what she has to put up with.

finally, the Roadkill purse is complete!! lining sewn in, drawstring re-done and threaded (right this time). i am also almost done with the brown sugar bag. i just need to complete the assembly of the strap --- although, i think i would like to line it, too....*sigh*... they just carry so much better when lined and this one is really cute, yeah, think i'm gonna line it. the things i do to myself.

all things lost return home = purple H has been found.

today at WM i made some pretty good purchases...3skeins of patriotic red lion brand chunky USA at a mere 60cents each. and a "Teach Yourself to Cro-Hook" kit, with a pattern for a scarf,hat, and the flexi-hook thing, which is just like circular knitting needles, except they are crochet hooks. kinda bizarre. only a buck25. not bad.
How I dream of a boy who likes stinky things... *sigh* ;) I have a princess of a princess. :)

Check out http://www.marloscrochetcorner.com for a great little cloche hat made with chunky yarn.
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