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Sunday, July 11, 2004
  been a while...
well, i have discovered i'm not very good at this blog thing. i don't post as often as i should. i'm really going to put forth the effort to do better. however, first things first - i realized today that i have a TON of wip's my goal today is to get it all straightened out and in priority. thinking about it, i was asking myself "why do you have all of these things going?" i thought it was because i quickly bore of doing the same thing... but surprisingly, my answer: i decided it's more because i want to use up my yarn. ;) man, i need to figure out how to get the smileys for my postings, too. i like those little guys :) so, off to prioritize!
but wait, there's more...
should i post pics under my "in progress" percentage bars... or would that be too busy?
give me your input.
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