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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
setting up this little website is a lot more than what i thought it would be. soon, i will be going to sams to get some sort of program to make it easier. i'll get it up, it'll be nice. i'll get there (a little self-assurance talk).
in the mean time, i received a fabulous package of chenille from LadyK, this is the last i will be getting from this round of the yarn swap. next is sept-oct, the theme is either Christmas or winter...
i also got the name of the person i will be swaping scarves with... but i think i'm gonna keep it a secret until she gets it!! i'm so excited. i started working on it a while back. it is awesome!!
okay, have to get a video watched tonight so it can be returned. intolerable cruelty.. we'll see if it's any good.
until tomorrow -
oh, i will get pictures of my fabulous chenille up either tonight or in the morning.
hopefully i will get a little done on the site tonight after the flick... hopefully
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